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A Momma's Heart: Comfort for Loss Moms.

Our hearts know the gut-wrenching, life-changing, heartbreak of pregnancy and infant loss.
We hurt with you, and for you.
Our hope is that you will find comfort and discover new layers of healing as you
reflect on your baby and parent their precious memory.
Read, color, and journal through A Momma's Heart.

We are here to encourage you and celebrate with you as you discover new layers of healing.

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What people are saying about A Momma's Heart

There are several things a momma needs when her heart’s been broken: love and support, time and space to feel and seek healing, and creative ways to express the love she has for her child, practically bursting from within. A Momma’s Heart meets all of these needs. As a poured over the pages, I could feel and see the love that created it. I read the words, the tears began to fall, and my heart was full. I saw the photos of mothers like me, and I knew I was not alone. And I planned out my colors to fill in the pages with my son’s light shining bright in my heart. I wish I could give a copy to every mother whose missing her child. I know there is love, hope and healing to be found in these pages, and I can’t wait to get started!
RaeAnne Fredrickson
Samuel's momma
Founder of All That Love Can Do
Co-Founder of Still Mothers
Hands holding butterfly
Empty hands
Hands holding baby's breath
Snowball shaped as a heart
Elderly woman journalling

48 pages of exquisite black and white photography intermingle with dazzling line drawings begging to be colored!
Readers will be moved by the powerful and encouraging words of A Momma's Heart.
With room also to journal and reflect, mommas can spend time remembering and embracing the baby they carry in their heart.
This powerful book makes a perfect gift for yourself or any mother who has experienced a loss.

The book has an intimate feel and is sized for portability. A Momma's Heart can be easily slipped into a purse or bag, and it will fit nicely on your night stand or by your favorite chair.

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