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A Momma's Heart: Comfort for Loss Moms.

Our hearts know the gut-wrenching, life-changing, heartbreak of pregnancy and infant loss.
We hurt with you, and for you.
Our hope is that you will find comfort and discover new layers of healing as you
reflect on your baby and parent their precious memory.
Read, color, and journal through A Momma's Heart.

We are here to encourage you and celebrate with you as you discover new layers of healing.

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What people are saying about A Momma's Heart

A Momma’s Heart is a masterful blend of visual, tangible, and poetic comfort for the mother who has experienced the loss of her baby or young child. Those finding solace in the pages of this hope-filled book will connect with the images, photographs of hands weathered with grief and filled with the beauty that comes from surviving life’s most heart wrenching goodbye. Mothers can bring color to the pages, adding their own creative flair to the art woven throughout this lovely book. Space is left on each page for mommas to add their own sacred stories, as they take time to reflect, finding healing in their journey. When a baby dies, the world is desperate to have something to give. Thank you, Bethany and Maria, for this most precious offering. This book will be a treasured gift of validation and comfort for any mother grieving the loss of her child. As a bereavement support professional and perinatal loss educator, I highly recommend A Momma’s Heart and look forward to adding it to the quality resources we give to our clients.
Kelly Gerken
Founder of Sufficient Grace Ministries for Women, Inc.
Mama, Author, Speaker, Comfort Doula, Perinatal Loss Support Educator
Author of "Sufficient Grace"
Contributing author for "Still Standing Magazine"
Hands holding butterfly
Empty hands
Hands holding baby's breath
Snowball shaped as a heart
Elderly woman journalling

48 pages of exquisite black and white photography intermingle with dazzling line drawings begging to be colored!
Readers will be moved by the powerful and encouraging words of A Momma's Heart.
With room also to journal and reflect, mommas can spend time remembering and embracing the baby they carry in their heart.
This powerful book makes a perfect gift for yourself or any mother who has experienced a loss.

The book has an intimate feel and is sized for portability. A Momma's Heart can be easily slipped into a purse or bag, and it will fit nicely on your night stand or by your favorite chair.

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