I’m going to write a book!

January 1st was a Sunday this year. I found myself sitting in church wondering what the year would hold. I reflected on the previous year, 2016, and how thankful I was to be saying goodbye to that horrible year. SO many things happened that year that were difficult for our family. I was eager to embrace something new.

My mind began to wander a little. I wondered what new adventures might occur during 2017… All of a sudden, I felt a tug on my heart and heard the Lord’s still small voice speaking to me.

You are going to write a book.

WHAT??? No, I’m not going to write a book! I don’t want to write a book. Writing a book isn’t for ME!

A momma’s heart – a book for moms who have experienced a loss.

No, No, No!!! I must be crazy.

The book will be written by September for Amalya’s 5th Birthday.

Now I know I’m out of my mind. Nine months to start, write, illustrate, publish/print a book. No WAY. Not gonna happen. I have two small living children under the age of three and a working husband who works over 40 hours each week. I run a non-profit. I travel and speak. I volunteer as a doula to help families who lose a baby, and I take and edit photos for those families. I have my fingers in several other pots as well. Where am I going to find time to write and illustrate a book?

I left church unsure of what to think about the project that was placed upon my heart. That night around 11 pm I reached out to a dear friend of mine via FB and sent the following message:

So … I’m thinking of writing a book (short book). Would love to have it finished by September for Amalya’s B-day. Just needed to tell someone so that I don’t turn and run the opposite direction tomorrow AM when I wake up.

The following week, words poured out of my heart, mind, and soul. I would wake up at 2 in the morning, grab my phone write down words as they flowed out, then drift back to sleep. Words would come as I was driving or in the shower or during dinner. I would try and grab paper as fast as I could, trying to write everything down. After a week of this, I sent a follow up message to my friend on January 8th:

I have a first draft finished! Going to be sitting down with some people to edit / brainstorm / strengthen. Just wanted to let you know I didn’t run the opposite direction!

I couldn’t even believe the message as I hit send. How on earth had I written the basic bones of my book in a WEEK!?!? This was confirmation to me that this was truly a project inspired by the Lord.

By the start of February I found and signed with a publisher, and I convinced my mom to partner with me to help with the illustrations.

As I sit here now, a few months later, all I can say is – I’m really glad I didn’t turn and run the other direction!!! I hope and pray this book with bless many mommas.